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CHCC Bookish Joy Blog Fest – Chloe Seager

For the past ten days the CHCC Bookish Joy Blog Fest has been taking place and to close it today we have a special guest post from the awesome Chloe Seager, author of the ‘Emma Nash’ series. If you haven’t read them yet then please go and read them – once you’ve read this of course. It’s one of my favourite series ever!

When I was asked to write a letter to my favourite fictional character or favourite author as part of the CHCC YA Fest blog tour, I ummed and ahhed over who to choose for weeks. Picking favourites is always hard for me! Then over Christmas I was staying at my Mum’s and I happened to find a bag of my old diaries, stuffed at the back of my wardrobe, and I found that eleven-year-old me had already written this blog for me — fifteen years ago.

On Friday 3rd Jan 2003, I wrote a list of ‘Ten Women I Admire Most – With Reasons.’

First on the list was my Mum, then the suffragettes (spelled ‘suffrajettes’ – close) and in third and fourth spots were fictional character Mia Thermopolis and author Meg Cabot. It reads as follows:

3. Mia Thermopolis

Reasons Mia – Mia is a vegetarian, a passionate believer in wanting to save the world from pollution, hunger………. She doesn’t let Lana Weinberger, lack of breasts, large feet, algebra teacher and Mum dating, plus a series of more problems stop her from caring and changing other people’s problems. She writes faithfully in her journal every day and has inspired me to do the same, as well as inspiring me to write, read more and become a better, more environmental person.

4. Meg Cabot

Reasons Meg – Meg wrote books the Mia is in, The Princess Diaries, therefore she created Mia, the person I admire sooo much.

I remember reading those books over and over and clearly, they helped inspire my love of reading in a big way. A big, belated thanks from twenty-six-year-old me to Mia and Meg!

Thank you Chloe for being our surprise guest on CHCC Bookish Joy Blog Fest. That wraps up our blog tour. It’s been so much fun and brought me joy reading each blogger’s post. I hope everyone has also enjoyed reading them. Thank you so much to everyone whom took part! You’re amazing!

If you haven’t read them all yet, here’s the list of blogger’s involved. And don’t forget there’s a 10% off tickets code YAFEST10 which lasts until 28th February for all you lovely readers. Hope to see you all at CHCC YA Fest on 12 May.


Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – Kate Mallinder

Do we have a treat for you today! As well as tickets going on sale today, we are revealing the cover of one of our CHCC YA Fest 2019 authors upcoming book. Kate Mallinders’ debut novel Summer of No Regrets will be published on 2 May by Firefly Press.

What’s it about you ask? Here’s a short summary for you:

Four friends pledge to make this summer regret-free but will it be that simple?

After their exams, four sixteen-year-old best friends pledge to live a summer regret-free, taking risks however much it scares them: Sasha agrees to spend the holiday in Geneva, with the father she hasn’t seen for six years, but is not expecting his new girlfriend, or the boy in the cafe. Shy homebody Hetal decides to go to science camp, and has to find a new competitive spirit. After Nell lost her arm in an accident her mother is scared to let her out of the house – so to do what she wants she will have to lie to her parents. Fostered Cam goes to look for her birth father. What will she find?

As all these choices become difficult, even dangerous, they will need each
other for the strength to face the future.

We do love a book about friendship! So now that you know a bit about it… We present to you the cover for Summer of No Regrets!

Summer of no regrets V2 4 RGB.jpg

Isn’t it gorgeous?! This lovely cover is designed by the talented Anne Glenn.

Summer of No Regrets is now available to preorder (click away):



Hive Books

You can find Kate Mallinder on Twitter @KateMallinder.

kate mallinder

Kate Mallinder lives with her husband,
four children and a grumpy cat near
Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire. She grew up in Solihul and went to college in Leeds. She wrote this book as part of her own ‘no regrets’ pledge, along with trying to surf, which didn’t go so well. If left to her own devices, she’d live on a window seat with a good book and a never-ending cup of tea. The Summer of No Regrets is her first book.

You can see Kate at CHCC YA Fest on 12th May.

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Book of Fire Author Michelle L E Kenney Guest Posts: A Writer’s Journey.

Hi everyone! Today we have author of Book of Fire Michelle L E Kenney – which you already know because of the title haha. If you’re coming to CHCC YA Fest – if you’re not, why not? Huh? Huh? – then you’ll be able to get some signed goodies that Michelle is kindly donating and a code for a free ebook of Book of Fire. You can get tickets here.

A Writer’s Journey

13th June 2017 turned out to be one of those rare, unforgettable days – right up there with getting married and birth of my two little girls – because it was the day my agent, Chloe Seager, called to say she’d secured a trilogy deal for my debut novel Book of Fire.

And, to be honest, I did cry.

Shocked, thrilled, amazed..they go some way to sum up my feelings on the day, but looking back I can see I was really in complete denial. Because writers are pretty hard-wired for rejection, so when acceptance comes along, it sweeps us off our feet, spins us around and leaves us not knowing which way is up. For days.

Once the truth had set in, of course, I was tap-dancing across the ceiling! And the last seven months have been no less breathtaking. Book of Fire was launched as HQ Digital’s very first YALit title, thanks to the fab talents of my Editor Hannah Smith, on 25th August and has enjoyed a great response. I really couldn’t have asked for better reviewer and blogger support with comparisons to giants such as: ‘Percy Jackson, The Bone Season, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Fire Sermon, Da Vinci Code, Gladiator and The Island of Doctor Moreau among others. All pretty humbling and inspiring for any nervous debut. I’ve also been lucky enough to take part in numerous press and blogger interviews, a Best of YA 2017 box scheme, giveaways, University competitions, live Twitter chats, library FunPalace events, and recently, I even got a sneak peek of Exeter’s Underground Passages!

And the support of other authors has also been hugely encouraging, the book community really is a very warm and welcoming second home.

So, what’s Book of Fire all about?

Book of Fire is a dystopian adventure with the medieval Voynich Manuscript mystery at its heart. It follows the journey of feral twins Eli and Talia,who live in a secret forest idyll ‘Arafel’. They are survivors of biochemical warfare, which has scarred the earth following a Great War of 2025. The War has left its mark: Eli has been born into a world of silence and Talia has inherited a dangerous legacy passed down by her forefathers.

Then an unexpected forest raid forces Talia and Max, her childhood friend, into a desperate mission to rescue her family whilst also protecting the sacred Book of Arafel. While inside the domes, Talia makes some life-changing discoveries, and an ally, in the form of Insider August, who challenges everything.

With the clock ticking, she must decide: why her Grandfather has protected The Book of Arafel with his life, and what is she prepared to sacrifice in order to save her family.

Extract, Book 1

‘At the time of the Great War, before nature was allowed to reclaim what was once a bustling city, the moorland forest had covered only a few square miles. Now it stretched as far as the eye could see, swallowing up eerie ruins as it grew. It was dwarfed only by the monolithic Lifedome rearing up to the skyline, and swallowing one bite of the moon every night. Our ancestors had called this area Exeter, but now it was only wilderness, filled with every species of animal from all corners of the earth.’

‘I loved it, I want someone to wipe my memory so I can read it all over again!’ Han Hunter

‘I have not enjoyed reading a fantasy book this much since The Hunger Games and I devoured every single page.’ Zoe Mann

It is hoped that the second book in the series will be out this summer (2018) but meanwhile there is a Book of Fire community on Facebook, at , and you can keep up to date with Book of Fire news at @mkenneypr (Twitter). Book of Fire can be found in many Harper Collins outlets including Amazon at

Thanks Michelle!
Guest Post

Guest Post: An Interview with the Corr Sisters


Today we have a guess post from Alexandra from TheHufflepuffNerdette.

Alexandra interviewed authors of ‘The Witch’s Kiss’ series – Katharine and Elizabeth Corr. Both Katharine and Elizabeth will be at CHCC YA Fest – so happy to have these lovely ladies back at Chadwell Heath Community Centre! Continue reading “Guest Post: An Interview with the Corr Sisters”