Introductory post.

Hello! *Waves*

Welcome to the first blog post for CHCC YA Fest! For the first post I thought I’d tell you lovely readers how Chadwell Heath Community Centre came to be.

Over three years ago the library in Chadwell Heath was set to be closed – devastatingly, like many libraries today – the community would not stand for this. Led by an extraordinary woman, Anne Estlea, whom sadly passed away last year, members of the community rallied together to save the library. The result was Chadwell Heath Community Centre which houses Robert Jeyes Community Library. The centre is a registered charity and with the hard work of the trustees, volunteers and two librarians, it has continued to thrive these past years. The centre’s story has been an inspiring one, to me, ever since hearing it at my volunteer induction. The ideal result would have been for the library to never have been closed – this is happening far too much! – but these wonderful people would not let this hub of the community die out. I doff my cap to them – or would if I were wearing a cap haha.

In enters me. A shy, socially awkward bookworm longing to be surrounded by books – technically I could do this in my bedroom, I have a lot of books, but I can’t put this on my CV haha – whom after a few months decided to ask if I could hold events at the centre/library – I was so nervous. Our supervisor/Librarian, Marcus, is very supportive and said yes – thanks Marcus for saying yes and thank you to you and Dawn for all your help! YA Fest is our second event together and much bigger. You know how authors refer to their books as their babies? Well, this is my baby. It’s exciting watching it grow and I really hope you join us in February!

What do you like to see at bookish events? Are you a member of a library? Go often? Have you seen we have a newsletter now? A link to it is at the side of the site, under the ‘search’ button. We’d greatly appreciate it if you signed up – no spam promise! Until next time… Bye!